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Full Service Luxury Interior Design

Full Service Luxury Interior Design

Full Service Luxury Interior Design


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Who Are You?

  • A DIYer with a passion for Interior Design – Your home is beautifully furnished but you’re always looking for that special accessory that nobody else can get their hands on
  • You’re looking for a quick seasonal update to your home
  • The perfect gift for someone in your life who loves exceptional accessories – less shopping for you!
  • A realtor who wants to have the perfect congratulatory gift for their buyers

Who Am I?

A curated shopping list of home décor items and accessories. Buy one or buy them all – it’s up to you! No minimum or maximum – they’ll ship right to your door!

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Who Are You?

  • You’re tight on time and money but need help designing a room(s) in your home
  • Just need help picking the tiles for your bathroom or drapery for your bedroom
  • Selling your house but need some help staging your existing furniture 

Who Am I?

An abbreviated interior design shop. Give me the layout of your room, existing furniture that you want to keep and some ideas of what you want your room to look like. I’ll put together a concept board with pictures of everything that you’ll need to complete the room, a curated shopping list of where to buy everything and a detailed floor plan on where all the pieces should be placed. – buy them from me, or take the ideas I give you and make it happen on your own!

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Limitless Design


Who Are You?

  • You’ve just bought a home, building your dream home or are remodeling your existing home
  • You want help speaking with the architect to make sure everything from the outlets to the layout of the bedrooms it exactly what you want. We’ll help with all facets of your project from flooring and tile to furniture, drapery and finishing touches

Who Am I?

I am a full service interior designer with a background in high end residential projects. I am your liaison to the design world – here to help you with every decision you need to make – small and large.

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How it Works

Step 1

Fill in the blanks for us; budget, timeline, pictures, location, and anything else so we can get a better understanding of your interior design project.

Step 2

We’ll call you to discuss the project scope and overview as well as give you an interior design fee estimate.

Step 3

Time for your Design Package Selection. We’ll talk you through the options HI LUXE Interiors has to offer. Complete our in depth client questionnaire and then we get to work!


We used Hendrix Interiors for our home remodel. We had an Amazing experience from beginning to end. Never in a million years could we of done it on our own. Lindsay was spot on with what we were wanting. We highly recommend Hendrix Interiors. Thank you Lindsay!


Satisfied Client

I had not done a lot with my home after living in it for 2 years as I was at a loss of where to start and which direction to go. I had never worked with an interior designer before but knew that I needed professional advice to offer suggestions and help me to make decisions. I met with several interior designers before settling on Lindsay. Right away she had very useful and budget friendly suggestions. I had several areas within my home that I ignored for 2 years as I had no idea what to do with them. Lindsay nailed it in 15 minutes. I implemented her suggestions and now my home feels a lot more stylish, cozy and like a place I don't want to stray away from for long. I highly recommend Lindsay and Hendrix Interiors.


Great attention to detail. Made lots of suggestions and provided sources for these suggestions and did the work to get everything sorted. Not to mention the price was right. Really appreciate your work Lindsay.


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