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Every item and artisan on our boutique has been curated by Lindsay, providing you with a direct creative bridge into the exclusive interior design industry.

Our mission at Hi-Luxe Boutique is to procure high-quality, unique and exquisite accoutrements for your home. We hope you adore the items as well as appreciate the stories and backgrounds of each of our talented boutiquers!

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Pull it together

For Winter

As the winter months quickly approach, so does the opportunity to bring out holiday decorations and cozy up to the fireplace. I love getting out the Christmas lights that give a special glow at night and I’m already starting to drool over all the holiday treats that will soon be consumed. There’s also all the stress of shopping, friends and family coming to town and of course travel and winter weather! Let Hi-Luxe Boutique be your one stop shop for bespoke gifts curated from local Colorado artisans.



We have set out to find you the best boutiquers and products when it comes to your perfect space.

Jessica Magee

Stitch & Shutter

Ashley Joon

Broadwick Fibers

Never Felt Better

Kevin Anderson Designs

Josh Decker Photo

Busa Designs

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